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ITALY|Chiesanuova (Torino)

A European "network of cities" aiming at integration and dialogue: Townlab_MEET Project starts

Inclusion, participation and comparison: these are the three common denominators that characterized the first international seminar of the European project Townlab_MEET, held on October 25th and 26th at the Chiesanuova Meeting Center for Cultures [Centro di Incontro tra le Culture di Chiesanuova] and in which over the two days, participated more than 150 subjects, of which more than 30% were the international guests.

It was an event for promotion of democratic engagement and civic participation of European citizens, for fostering inter-cultural dialogue and mutual understanding and struggle against the stigmatization of migrants and minority groups, which are the priority of “Town Networks” [Reti di città] of Europe for Citizens Programme.

The international seminar “Dialogue and Laboratory of ideas in the matter of reception, social inclusion and rights of migrants” provided for the participation of representatives of public bodies, academics and legal experts, experts in European planning, operators in reception and protection of asylum seekers’ centres and performing arts researchers.

Starting from the speeches and issues addressed during the plenary session, during the second part of the international seminar, the activity of participatory planning took place, aimed at initiating a comparison between subjects of different nationalities and backgrounds in the field of:


In order to raise awareness among young people for respect of cultural diversity and to encourage dialogue between students of different nationalities, on October 26 2018, the Townlab_SCHOOL took place, which was a playful and didactic laboratory of creative thinking. The activity was attended by students from the 3rd, 4th and 5th classes from the Primary school C. Nigra of Colleretto (I.C.  “Amedeo Cognengo of Castellamonte), the 5th class of the Primary school Comm. Buat Albiana from Quincinetto (I.C. Settimo Vittone) and from the Primary school of Marnaz. The Centre Saint Exupery of Marnaz also took part in the initiative, involving two guests from the reception centre for unaccompanied minors.

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